The first physical Sansoeurs store opened in 2021 in La Coruña.
Personally designed by Cristina Sanchez, the spacious and airy boutique is an inviting space built around the idea of gathering again in an increasingly virtual world.
A few pieces from Cristina's personal furniture collection, bought over the years, are scattered around the store: two 100-year old Josef Hoffman chairs, a metal Sanaa chair acquired in Japan, or an antique wooden cabinet call on the importance of preserving heritage and tradition in our modern age.
With this store, conceived as a place of calm in the city, Sansoeurs strives to combine old and new and offer clients personal shopping services with a human touch, including bespoke designs for special occasions.


Store hours
Monday - Saturday
11.00 -14.00 h
17.30 - 21.00 h

Juana de Vega 4, 15003 La Coruña


+34 604 04 90 09